The Joint venture company is a professional design company, in 2001, legally registered in Hong Kong and China was established in 2008 in Shenzhen City, Phillips, Environmental Art Design Limited. 
        Shenzhen Phillips Environmental Art Design Co., Ltd., mainly in hotels, clubs, sample room interior design, landscape design based. Sixty people now has a team of Chinese and foreign designers, including professionals from overseas and domestic top professional elite, complete and perfect in all of professional, experienced and outstanding performance. Company based on the local, learn new design ideas abroad, and the owner, the management work closely to create a large number of outstanding works. 
        Shenzhen Phillips Environmental Art Design Co., Ltd. As a professional design agency, design creativity and technological progress in terms of courage to walk in the forefront of the trend. From the perspective of design and function set up the perfect design standards. In the pure, eternal, noble concept remodeling space, light, mobility, and texture. Attributed to a balance. A balance of nature and performance; an economical and practical and classic balance; a balance between tradition and modernity; a balance between natural and artificial. For the creation of man and nature to the core, the height of the combination of tactile and visual full use of environmental resources, combined with local customs and culture, so that design elements and functional, the perfect combination of comfort, for each space to create a unique feel and can touch comfort. Make each project into our life experience and social responsibility.

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